Press Releases
Legitimacy of reusing images from scientific papers addressed 13-Mar-2017
Biodiversity data, novel tools and services: Key results at EU BON's Final Meeting 10-Mar-2017

Guidelines for scholarly publishing of biodiversity data from Pensoft and EU BON

Species conservation profile of a critically endangered endemic for the Azores spider 01-Sep-2016

Joint forces to enhance access to biodiversity monitoring data


A new Biodiversity Portal for Europe to enhance access to monitoring data

Sharing biodiversity data: Best tools and practices via the EU-funded project EU BON 31-May-2016

Potential of satellite remote sensing to monitor species diversity

Empowering stakeholders: FP7 project EU BON shares know-how on biodiversity data policies 28-Mar-2016
Making the most out of biological observations data 22-Mar-2016
Monitoring farmland biodiversity across Europe: It could cost less than you think 06-Nov-2015

Streamlined import of specimen & occurrence records into taxonomic manuscripts

Manuscript at the click of a button: Streamlined conversion of metadata for GBIF and DataONE into scholarly manuscripts 13-Oct-2015

Pan-European Species-directories Infrastructure: Basis for handling big taxonomic data


Connecting the dots: Integrated biodiversity data could be the key to a sustainable future


New life for old data: Integrating and visualizing primary biodiversity data from prospective and legacy taxonomic literature

Bridging the gap between biodiversity data and policy reporting needs 2-Apr-2015
The need for a more open attitude towards invasive alien species data


Go straight and publish: From Barcode of Life Data Systems to scholarly publishing systems



Improved access to integrated biodiversity data for science, practice, and policy  8-Apr-2014
The large-scale EU project EU BON: Towards integration with its global counterpart GEO BON 7-Mar-2013
EU BON: Working towards integrated and comprehensive global biodiversity data 12-Feb-2013
International biodiversity data symposium to mark the kickoff of the EU BON project 12-Feb-2013
Bringing big data to biodiversity 19-Dec-2012




































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