WP5 EU BON testing and validation of concepts, tools, and services


  • To test and validate  EU BON data  integration and information services in real settings, involving researchers, decision makers, and stakeholders
  • To subject EU BON analytical  tools and modelling techniques to field tests
  • To test EU BON concepts and services for thematic, national,  and regional  level needs
  • To establish and operate a network of EU BON sites  for integrated biodiversity data  recording, management, and analysis
  • To expand EU BON services to other areas and sites  in Europe and around the world
Key messages
  • Test sites represent the real world in terms of hetergeneity, including data, technical issues or requirements from the stakeholder community. This poses serious challenges to be properly addressed when trying to constitute a network of biodiversity observatories.
  • The final aim is trying to deliver near-real-time relevant data to end users, and therefore it is crucial that data collection is standardized and harmonized to be integrated in the biodiversity portal


Task 5.1 In situ testing of EU BON information services through researchers and stakeholders 
Task 5.2 Testing EU BON tools for data analysis and interpretation 
Task 5.3 Testing EU BON services for management, decision makers and stakeholders: applications across different scales (regional, national, international) 
Task 5.4 Networking and expanding EU BON sites and acquiring additional support 


  • D5.1. Principles and guidelines for establishing and operating EU BON test sites is available with up to date information on the most relevant issues to be considered when running biodiversity monitoring programmes. It could be retrieved here.



Dr. Juan Jose Negro  Dr. Carlos Rodriguez   Dr. Stefan Stoll  Dr. Christos Arvanitidis  
WP leader   Deputy WP leader    
Director of the Doñana Biological Station, Spain Post-doc at Doñana Biological Station, Spain Researcher at the Department of River Ecology and Conservation at Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung, Germany Scientific responsible for Hellenic Center for Marine Research, Greece

His research interest are Evolutionary ecology, and conservation biology

His research interests are applied ecology and biodiversity conservation.

His research interests are ecology of aquatic invertebrates and fishes, effects of climate change in aquatic ecosystems, effects of hydrodynamics stress and spread of aquatic neozoans.

His research interests are marine biodiversity, functional diversity, biodiversity informatics, and transitional ecosystems.


























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