WP9 Consortium management and organization


  • To oversee administration, operational management, and overall implementation of the project
  • To facilitate effective communication and collaboration between the coordinator, individual consortium members, and the EC scientific and administrative units
  • To implement  sound financial management and controlling systems for the administration and distribution of the EC contribution  in accordance with relevant EC regulations
  • To organize and administer consortium networking  and governance, including supporting relevant bodies and meetings
  • To engage and provide support for an EU BON Advisory Board
  • To monitor relevant data  policies and intellectual  property  rights provisions
Key messages
  • To ensure the success of the project, an "excellent" overall management, organization and communication is inevitable. An essential component of a proper management is to oversee and coordinate the whole project work in close collaboration with the different work packages.
  • The tasks of the work package are dedicated to contribute to the project’s success by providing all necessary contractual agreements and legal recommendations, organizing the networking between all partners, and reporting the scientific progress and financial status.
  • One key for a long-term success of the project is the networking with associate partners and the linkage with other EU projects that work on biodiversity related issues, as well as with research activities and existing infrastructures to join forces and find synergies in common fields of work.


Task 9.1 Consortium governance 
Task 9.2 Elaboration and updating of the Description of Work (DoW) 
Task 9.3 Project management, administration, and financial monitoring 
Task 9.4 Liaison with the European Commission
Task 9.5 Coordination of the EU BON consortium and internal networking 
Task 9.6 Organization of the Advisory Board (AB) 
Task 9.7 Data policies and Intellectual Property Rights 
  • Project Management Plan in order to coordinate, monitor and control the project
  • Establishment of the Advisory Board and coordination of AB meetings
  • Regular progress report meetings with the Steering Committee to evaluate and track the quality of work implemented
  • Organization of General Assembly meetings including symposia
  • Periodic scientific and financial reports summarizing the progress of the project and the financial distribution of the EC grant
  • Data Sharing Agreement
  • EU BON reference publication
  • Implementation of the MoU for Associate Partners and developing a network of EU BON associated partners


Dr. Christoph Häuser  Dr. Anke Hoffmann  Carla Pinho 

Project coordinator

Project Manager Administration
Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Germany Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Germany Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Germany











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